Waxing Services in Vaughan / Woodbridge

At Nirvana Beauty and Wellness, we offer a variety of waxing services in the Vaughan area (Woodbridge) — including NuFree. NuFree is a premium hair removal treatment that is widely used in top-quality salons across the country. We also offer regular waxing and sugar waxing services.

Some of the most popular forms of hair removal currently available (particularly for larger areas of the body) are waxing, sugar waxing and hair removal using NuFree. These are all effective options for anybody eager to find a convenient, safe and effective hair removal method.

Waxing involves the application of a warm, soft layer of wax to the hairs. When the wax cools, it solidifies around the hairs. The wax is then pulled away, taking the unwanted hair with it. Sugar waxing in Vaughan is an all-natural option that involves using a sugar paste preparation to facilitate hair removal.

At our wax bar, Vaughan / Woodbridge clients can also enjoy NuFree hair removal. NuFree is similar to a wax treatment. Additionally, it is vegan and has additional anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.


What Are The Benefits of Waxing?


The waxing Vaughan / Woodbridge clients receive at our salon has a number of benefits. Depending on which method of hair removal clients opt for, they can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Sugar waxing in Vaughan is a safe, rapid procedure that uses natural, plant-based ingredients.
Waxing is extremely fast and very effective. As a proven treatment, it has been used across the globe for centuries to achieve effective hair removal.
NuFree is probably the most advanced treatment we offer at our wax bar. Vaughan / Woodbridge clients who have concerns about skin damage during hair removal, who have delicate skin or who want a treatment that’s also anti-bacterial will usually find NuFree to be the best option.
Beyond making sure that skin is clean, unbroken and free of cosmetics prior to treatment, there are no additional pre-conditions.
Most clients find waxing to be a relatively comfortable and non-invasive method of hair removal.
Once the initial course of treatments is completed, clients usually find that regrowth is slower and weaker, requiring less frequent removal.

As part of the waxing services in Vaughan / Woodbridge that we provide, we complete a full assessment prior to commencing any hair removal treatment. Our trained therapists are here to help — please feel free to ask them about any aspect of our hair removal treatments.


How NuFree Hair Removal Works


During treatment, the NuFree compound is applied to the area where hair removal is required. After a short period of time, NuFree is removed, taking the unwanted hair away with it. Unlike wax or sugar, NuFree doesn’t stick to the skin and doesn’t dry. Originally developed for use by plastic surgeons who wanted a reliable, adaptable, safe and comfortable way of removing hair, NuFree has been used successfully for more than three decades.


Are You Prepared To Try Waxing and NuFree Hair Removal?


We offer waxing, NuFree and sugar waxing at our Vaughan-area spa — all of which offer maximum effectiveness for the following circumstances:

NuFree is particularly recommended for delicate areas such as the face or bikini line, because it is specifically formulated to protect fragile or sensitive skin.
Our skilled therapists are able to apply all our waxing treatments extremely accurately. This makes then ideal for small areas of the body, such as the brows or upper lip.
Because the treatments are well-tolerated, they are suitable for a wide range of individuals, including mums-to-be, older clients or those with pre-existing medical complaints.
Where larger areas require hair removal (for example the legs or back), waxing, sugar waxing and NuFree are all suitable options.


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Service Regular Nufree (100% Organic)
EYE BROW $12 $20
UPPER LIP $7 $15
FULL FACE $35 $45
NOSE WAX $10 $18
SIDES $12 $17
CHIN $9 $17
NOSE $10 $18
EARS $10 $18
NECK $10 AND UP $18
UNDER ARMS $15 $25
FULL ARMS $30 $40
STOMACH $35 $59
FULL BACK $35 $50
FULL LEGS $50 $70
LOWER LEGS $30 $40
UPPER LEGS $35 $45
FULL BODY $135 $225

Men's Waxing

BACK $50 $60
HALF ARMS $30 $40
FULL ARMS $40 $50
**Pricing is subject to change**