Are you Beach Ready?

Don’t wait any longer to achieve the smooth, hairfree skin you desire. Now, with SharpLight’sFormaxPlus™ non-invasive, clean and relatively painless hair removal treatment, you can live your dream.

Suitable for any body area, from bikini lines and axilla to larger areas such as hands, legs, back, shoulders and abdomen, FormaxPlus™ unique DPC technology, offers you excellent hair removal results, with no discomfort. See you at the beach.
Hair removal for aesthetic and attractive appearance

  • Permanent reduction of hair
  • Clean and relatively painless treatment
  • Relatively small number of treatments to obtain results
  • Effective solution for all patient profile
  • Non-invasive, safe and reliable
  • Thousands of satisfied clients


Upper Lip

$ 30,00

Upper Lip and Lower Lip (Perioral)

$ 50,00

Chin and Anterior Neck

$ 75,00

Upper Lip & Chin & Anterior Neck

$ 120,00


$ 85,00

Forehead (from hairline to top of the eyebrows)

$ 75,00

Full face and Anterior (including upper neck)

$ 150,00

Lower half face (upper lip, chin, cheeks)

$ 100,00

Full Face and Full Front Neck

$ 175,00


$ 60,00

Ball of Chin

$ 35,00


Back of neck

$ 80.00

Entire neck front and back

$ 140.00

Upper Torso


$ 70,00

Abdomen down to start of pubic hair

$ 150,00

Chest and abdomen

$ 259,00


(between breasts)

$ 70,00


(nipple area)

$ 69,00

Back: full upper and lower, including shoulders

$ 250,00


(from clavicle on front & back)

$ 200,00

Back upper

$ 150,00

Back lower

$ 125,00


this includes perianal (extra charge if hair extends to the outer sides of the leg)

$ 200.00

Lower Torso

Women Only

Basic Bikini Line

(up to 3” wide on thighs)

$ 60,00


(3” wide belly button to pubic bone)

$ 75,00

Both arms including hands and fingers

$ 150,00

Forearms, hands, and fingers

$ 100,00

Upper arms

$ 100,00

Hands and fingers

$ 55,00

Full legs

(inc. feet and toes)

$ 250,00

Upper Legs

$ 150,00

Feet and Toes

$ 55,00

PRE-PAY for 5 get 1 for FREE (must be paid by the third treatment to qualify for the 6th free).

** Prices may be subject to change depending on area to be covered.

Additional Payment Options

** This is available for clients who have completed a package and are on maintenance and wish to treat scattered hairs in a variety of places in one sitting. Your technician will give you what works best for you. The technician will evaluate the number of pulses and the time required and bill fairly for what is remaining.

First Hour

20 Minutes      75.00
40 Minutes      140.00
60 Minutes      225.00