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Platinum Lifting Facial – Non-Surgical
A treatment designed to resculpt the muscles of the face. A lifting facial that gives immediate and spectacular results. Leaving the skin firmer, refreshed and with a more youthful appearance (60 mins).

Aquatherm Facial – Sensitive Skin
This calming facial is for a skin that is easily reactive, prone to redness and blemishes. Using spring waters from the French Pyrenees, pH balance of the skin is restored. Leaving the skin refreshed and calm (60 mins).

Vitamin C – Skin Boosting
Ideal pre-holiday treatment, improves the appearance of the skin using Pure Vitamin C. Instantly boosting the skin leaving it glowing. Oranges and Kiwi Fruit are the main ingredients. Also a good treatment to regulate Melanin production (60 mins).

Radiance Renewing – Micro-Dermabrasion
State of the art micro-exfoliating treatment that combines the effects of physical peeling and firming. Improving skin texture generating new skin and removing acne scarring. Refines the pores, an excellent anti-ageing treatment (60 mins).

Oriental Facial
We prepare your treatment couch in an upright position, to ease tension on the lower back and use bolster cushions to provide relief for the legs and back. The Oriental Facial provides physical and spiritual harmony. An energising massage based on the oriental soul technique, which includes the décolleté, face and scalp, will help your skin to experience new vitality (60 mins).

Oily/Acne – Anti-Bacterial
Deep cleansing and purifying facial. Slowing down oil secretion and balancing the skin. Leaving the skin feeling refreshed and soothed. Successful treatment for clearing acne and preventing scaring (60 mins).

Platinum Eye & Lip – Restoring Collagen
A treatment for the delicate eye and lip area. Due to this area ageing so rapidly, Skeyndor have created this unique treatment to remove dark circles, puffiness and restore collagen levels to the eyes and lips. The results speak for themselves (30 mins).

Essential Mini Facial – Plant Extract
A deep moisturising treatment, the skin is cleansed and refined. Skin tone and texture are restored using clay, giving the skin immediate radiance (30 mins).

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