Banner_ShiroabhyangaAbout Shiroabhyanga
In Shirabhyanga, massage is given to Scalp, neck and shoulder with  Ayurveda herbal oils in specific method. Ayurveda herbal oils are kept for specific time on the scalp.
According to ayurvedaShira is the important site of Vatadosha and Shiroabhyanga is helpful in balancing Vitiation of ShirogatVatadosha.


Benefits of Shiroabhyanga
Ayurveda says Shiroabhyanga helps to:
De-stressing the whole body,
Induce sound sleep for those who have sleep abnormalities,
Nourishing thus strengthening the nervous system,
Relieve eyestrain, head  ache, jaws aches etc.,
Nourish the hair roots and prevents excessive hair loss.
Enhance the complexion of face.

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