ayaAbout Abhyanga
According to Ayurveda, one of the methods of Abhyanga popularly known as Ayurveda massage is application of different sneha like Oils in a specific way on a person’s body. These oils are formulated with many Ayurvedic  herbs. Ayurveda has mentioned many of such oils for Abhyanga. Oils are selected for Abhyanga considering many factors like persons Prakruti (constitution), Physical or diseased condition, etc.

Benefits of Abhyanga
According to Ayurveda Abhyanga helps to,
Reduce  vitiation of Vata, Kapha
Strengthen Sharir Dhatu (body constituents)
Lubricate  the joints
Increase mental alertness
Improve elimination of impurities from the body
Give softer, smoother skin
Increase levels of stamina through the day
Give better, deeper sleep at night
Reduce fatigue

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