Nirvana Academy

banner-brown-hairNIRVANA presently offers courses in Eyebrow and Facial Threading. Other courses like make up artistry will be added soon.
The Academy is dedicated to teach women how to gain independence, skills and pride, giving them a sense of accomplishment and confidence.
COURSE DETAILS: For Course Fee and other details, please contact Deepa Bajaj at 416 856 6365

Part 1: Threading Basics
Holding the Thread
Moving the Thread
Hair Removal-General

Part 2: Hair Removal
Hair Removal- General (continued)
Hair Removal-Upper Lip
Hair Removal-Chin
Intro to Making Lines

Part 3: Hair Removal
Hair Removal-Upper Lip, Chin
Understanding facial structures
Visualizing various brow shapes
Introduction to the Eyebrow-Basic Cleaning of the Eyebrow

Part 4: The Eyebrow and Beyond
Shaping the eyebrow
Matching the shape and thickness of both eyebrows
Threading all facial areas
Increasing your speed

Final Review and Closing Questions and Answers

Skills Evaluation & Certificate
30-days after class One on one, skills evaluation between student and teacher

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